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Erica van den Akker - Participants - Rotterdam Science Festival

Erica van den Akker

Dr Erica van den Akker is a pediatrician at the Erasmus MC and teaches at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). She has special expertise in childhood obesity. For more than 15 years, she is working on scientific research to improve the treatment of children with obesity. Erica is co-founder of the Erasmus Medical Centre for Healthy Weight that was officially opened by Queen Máxima a year ago. The Centre for Healthy Weight is committed to an innovative approach with a team of medical specialists to combat overweight and obesity in children and adults. They look beyond diet and exercise, cause also individual features, such as: medical, genetic, behavioural, psychological and socio-economic characteristics play a role in appetite, fat storage and energy use. The goal is tailored care, adapted to the individual characteristics of the person. This broad approach makes the Centre for Healthy Weight unique in its kind.

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18.15 - 19.00 uur


Why do I gain weight and my friend doesn't?


Main stage in hall Central Library