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Experience the 'Smaakmakers van de toekomst' on our plaza! - News - Rotterdam Science Festival

Experience the 'Smaakmakers van de toekomst' on our plaza!

The way we currently produce food consumes lots of energy, water and raw materials. Questions is: How can we improve food production-, consumption and the environment? The ‘Smaakmakers van de Toekomst’ will show it at Rotterdam Science Festival! During the entire evening there will be an exciting program on our outdoor plaza. Here, you can get acquainted with innovative dishes and gain insight into what might be on your plate in the future. Expect a cosy plaza where information, interaction and food & drink come together.

Stop by The Dutch Weed Burger and try a seaweed burger; a tasty burger that relieves the pressure on the ecosystem. Be inspired by the presentation of a sustainable local fish pack of De Goede Vissers. Learn to (re)appreciate ancient techniques and join the workshop ‘ferment’ at De Keukenboeren. Make spice – mixtures yourself and cook with flowers at the herb garden of Rotterdamse Munt. And much more. Experience yourself: smell, feel and taste!