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Sustainability labels misleading? - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

Sustainability labels misleading?

A label with ‘Friendly Fishing’ on your fillet of plaice. The EKO label on a piece of chocolate. Labels such as these should help us to choose socially and ecologically responsible products. But the opposite appears to be true: labels which suggest a product is 'responsible', causes suspicion; because how to do we know for sure the plaice has been killed in a painless way? And if that chocolate bar is actually 100% slave free? As a result interest groups ask for disclosure and force to comply with criteria, which is very logical. Frank Wijen, however, has a different view: he claims that enforcement of these requirements causes the opposite effect and undermine social goals. Are you also very curious about his explanation? Frank Wijen illustrates the basic idea with some practical examples!

Type Event

Science Café (Dutch)


Frank Wijen


17:00 - 17:20


Mart Café (Markthal)