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Effect of stress on brain development - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

Effect of stress on brain development

Can nutrition prevent the negative effects of stress on the brain of young children? At Rotterdam Science Festival, innovative insights are being discussed. Stress for mother and child is not only unpleasant, but also seems to have quite a huge impact on children's brains: it can affect learning and memory ability and increase the risk of brain disorder later in life. Studies with mice show that the solution lies in enriching the mother’s diet: this will prevent that that (baby)mice which had stress shortly after birth, perform less good in learning and memory tasks. However, stress should be avoided long before birth – did you know that exposure to stress changes the composition of breastmilk? But, no need to stress, because Eva Naninck will share all her insights and solutions in her science café!

Type Event

Science Café (Dutch)


Eva Naninck


20.00 - 20.20


Mart Café (Markthal)