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Food waste: what is your 'food print'? - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

Food waste: what is your 'food print'?

So far and no further! As humans we are verbally perfectly capable to set our boundaries. Our planet is not, but if she had a mouth it would yell at the Dutchies! Did you know that the Dutch eats 2 times more than the environment can handle per person? Don’t worry: you can do something about it, starting at Rotterdam Science Festival. During the lecture of Corné van Dooren you’ll get introduced to the ‘food print'; a handy tool that provides insight into how your food choice has impact on the environment. You will also get personal tips for improvement and receive information about water use and greenhouse effect during the production of your food. Healthy and sustainable food go hand in hand: all the tips you receive do not only benefit the environment, but are also important for your own body!

Type Event

College (Dutch)


Corné van Dooren


17.00 - 18.00


De Wereld van Smaak (Markthal)