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The hidden reality of food production - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

The hidden reality of food production

Many consumers are not aware how fruits and vegetables from the supermarket have been produced. But hey, it's pleasant that there are tropical fruits on the shelves all year and that they’re on sale for a reasonable price, right...? This event gives insight in the hidden (and shocking) reality of food production and supply chains. The working and living conditions of agricultural and garden workers in the US and Europe can, unfortunately, still be described as appalling. A tomato picker in Florida makes extremely long days and get such low incomes in return, that he’s not able to buy nutritious foods for his family. Various speakers share their perspectives and there is room for open discussion with the audience afterwards; how can we, as concerned consumers, support struggles for labour justice within the food system? You will walk away, not only with new ways of thinking, but you might also be inspired to take action to protect human rights.

This discussion (in English) will be led by Christina Schiavoni, food activist and researcher at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University. Participants are: Mindi Schneider (researcher at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University), Karin Astrid Siegmann (researcher at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University), Giulio Locco (food activist), Mohammed Dahmani (FNV Agrarisch Groen), Wim Baltussen (FNV Agrarisch Groen) and Rob Bleijerveld (food activist). The audience will be invited to join the discussion.

Type Event

Discussion (ENG)


Christina Schiavoni


19.30 - 20.30


Main stage in hall Central Library