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Why do I gain weight and my friend doesn't? - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

Why do I gain weight and my friend doesn't?

About half of the Dutch is overweight. A solution for overweight is not easy to achieve and current treatments often have disappointing results. But guess what: losing weight is much more than just showing willpower. After all, why are you so much more hungry than your colleague ? And why can others eat so much and stay slim? During the presentation a patient will tell about a condition in which the thermostat of its saturation is broken, leaving her / him starving all day and night.

Doctor Erica van den Akker reveals the truth about your appetite and fat burning and explains how you can control it and influence it in some cases. Come listen and take it to your advantage!

Type Event

College (Dutch)


Erica van den Akker


18.15 - 19.00


Main stage in hall Central Library