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More chance of getting pregnant and a healthy child - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

More chance of getting pregnant and a healthy child

Do you live in Rotterdam and do you have a childwish? Then this might be shocking news: in big cities such as Rotterdam, the mortality rates of newborns are higher compared to the rest of Europe and birth defects, premature birth, and fetal growth retardation are also more common. Research also shows that unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits play(s) a role in more than 80% of couples with a childwish: this affects the sperm and oocyte quality (fertility) and the health of the child later on. Do you have a childwish and would you like to know what steps to take? Today you’ll hear loads of tips and get acquainted with useful platforms such as slimmerzwanger.nl and slimmeretenmetjekind.nl.

Type Event

College (Dutch)


Regine Steegers


17.30 - 18.30


Theatre of Central Library Rotterdam