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A unique look at the brain of an addict - Line up - Rotterdam Science Festival

A unique look at the brain of an addict

You did not want to snack today, but unconsciously you ate a whole bag of chips while watching Netflix. This probably sounds familiar. But some people stuff themselves so often with unhealthy foods, you can speak of an eating disorder. In his presentation Ingmar Franken explains these people have less control over their (eating) behaviour because of specific mechanisms in the brain. By using neuroimaging techniques you’ll get a unique insight into the brain, to discover what exactly goes wrong with people with such problems and why the attraction of food is so great for food addicts. Also discusses recent new insights showing that (alcohol and drug)addicts and people with an eating disorder have multiple similarities.

Type Event

Science Café (Dutch)


Ingmar Franken


18.30 - 18.50


Mart Café (Markthal)