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Festivalinfo - Rotterdam Science Festival

What is the Rotterdam Science Festival?

The 4th edition of Rotterdam Science Festival will take place on Friday 25 September in the heart of Rotterdam. The festival is part of the European Researchers’ Night, a European event held more than 300 cities simultaneously. Rotterdam Science Festival is THE festival where science and society come together. The event offers a unique chance for curious citizens of Rotterdam to get inspired by the latest scientific insights. You can enjoy lectures, interactive science cafés, participate in workshops, debates, demonstrations, a Meet & Greet and much more. And don’t forget to try and experience ‘De Smaakmakers van de toekomst’ on our outside plaza!

Whose initiative?

Rotterdam Science Festival is an initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC. Both universities attach great importance to sharing scientific insights with society. Only then can knowledge be turned into value: for citizens, students, alumni, companies….the city of Rotterdam. During the Rotterdam Science Festival scientists of both universities (but also other universities) temporarily leave their so-called ‘ivory towers and laboratories‘ to interact with the public.

Mission Rotterdam Science Festival

“To improve the wellbeing of society by sharing new insights”.

What is the theme of 2015?

This year’s theme is food. A topic which keeps us busy every day, but also a topic which leaves us with many questions. For example: How transparent are today’s food chains? Does food change our genes? What is our ‘food print’ and what can we do to reduce food waste? How do supermarkets seduce consumers? What happens in the brain of an (food) addict? How can we increase the change of getting pregnant and having a healthy child? What exactly is appetite? These are some of the many topics that will be discussed. Hungry for more?

Which scientists will perform?

Scientists from different disciplines (psychology, (epi)genetics, medicine, marketing, etc.) will share the most tasty insights. Not only well-known professors, but also young talent and scientific entrepreneurs. Most of them work on an international level, and some of them are even funded by the EU.

What are the opening and closing times?

We will welcome everybody from 16h00 at the Central Library Rotterdam. There the official opening will take place at 16h30. The closing of the festival is at 01h00.

Where will the festival be held?

The event will take place in the heart of Rotterdam. Our festival locations are: the Central Library (main location), De Wereld van Smaak (Markthal), Mart Café (Markthal) and Binnenrotte plaza. All festival locations are within a walking distance from train, tram and metro station Blaak and the car park of the Markthal.


Rotterdam Science Festival offers free entry. The number of places are limited, so please make sure you reserve your spot in time. The workshops cost 10 euro (to cover the costs). This you can pay at De Wereld van Smaak, just before the workshops starts. It's important to reserve your spot in advance via this website.

Disabled access

The festival is accessible for disabled persons. All locations are wheelchair accessible, except the Mart Café, this location has no elevator to bring you to the first floor where the science cafés will be held.